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Cardiology Board Review Questions

    >>Pass Your Cardiology Board Exams With Our High-Yield, Board-Style Questions!

Here's the secret to passing your cardiology boards: Repeat practice questions over and over and learn how to answer the questions based on what the boards are testing... The Review contains the most essential, highest-yield, multi-part board-style review questions to help you ace your cardiology exam.

Congenital, physiology, ACS, STEMI, echo, nuclear and more are all covered here!
The questions you find here are the high yield clinical and physiologic pearls you will need to help pass your exam!
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Practice with our cardiology board questions will put your mind at ease! These cardiology exam questions were written by board-certified cardiologists who recently took the exam in cardiovascular disease!
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Your cardiovascular board exam success may depend on a few of the clinical pearls you will pick up here!

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  .::   C A R D I O L O G Y   E X A M   R E V I E W   -   330 Questions

A Random Sampling Of Question Topics...

# 33 Cyanotic Lesions of the Heart with Decreased Pulmonary Blood Flow
by The Physician Team
# 34 Incisional Reentry in Congenital Heart Surgery
by The Physician Team
# 35 DLCO in Heart Disease
by The Physician Team
# 36 Severe Stabbing Back Pain
by The Physician Team
# 37 1 day old neonate without femoral pulses
by The Physician Team
# 38 Cardiac Catheterization in a Neonate - What is the Diagnosis?
by The Physician Team
# 39 Pressure Volume Loop Physiology 13
by The Team
# 40 WPW Syndrome
by The Physician Team
# 41 Pressure Half-Time
by The Physician Team
# 42 Inodilators
by The Physician Team
# 0 Endocarditis - Blood Cultures
by The Physician Team
# 1 Endocardial Fibrosis in Carcinoid Tumors
by The Physician Team
# 2 DiGeorge Syndrome
by The Physician Team
# 3 Aberrant Right Aortic Arch
by The Physician Team
# 4 Congenital Heart Disease - Risk Factors
by The Physician Team
# 5 Pre-Excitation Syndromes
by The Physician Team
# 6 Diverticulum of Kommerell
by The Physician Team
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